Nick Atkinson spoke to FPO in a personal capacity on the current state of the UK and global economies, Brexit, the labour market and the prospect of interest rate rises. Nick has decades of experience in global Equity and Debt markets, Finance and Banking, having worked for some of the major global institutions such as PWC and his current role with MUFJ (Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group).

An edited summary of one of the key parts of his interview is available in the video above. In the full interview Nick provided a unique personal analysis on the development of global markets and centres of production, consumer markets and the demographic challenges facing the UK and Europe in particular.

One of the key drivers of economic growth is access to labour, particularly younger workers who are prepared to migrate to key centres of existing (or potential) economic activity. In this respect, the challenge facing the UK is to balance the will of people who voted for Brexit while meeting the needs of the economy, especially for workers in sectors such as agriculture, hotels and catering, the retail sector and lower-skilled jobs. In his interview Nick highlighted why the UK economy wouldn’t function properly without a steady supply of workers from other EU member states and from outside of the EU.

In the first part of his vide interview, there was an interesting discussion on interest rates, the equity and debt markets and the prospects for a shift in the value of equities as interest rates rise.