The Future Policy Organisation is a UK-based public policy think tank addressing issues of global importance by:

  • developing new policy ideas
  • analysing existing public policy
  • influencing the policy-making process

FPO aims to inform, develop and promote policies that help to shape society. FPO is politically independent but seeks to encourage new thinking across the political spectrum.

Think tanks make an important contribution to the policies and solutions that affect our lives. It is essential that decision makers consider the costs and consequences of their actions as it affects policy-development and policy implementation.

Society is becoming ever more complex and it is important for governments and every sector of society affected by policy-making to have policies that are ‘fit for purpose’. Poorly developed policies can have damaging consequences – financially, socially and politically.

FPO provides thought leadership on a variety of topics and seeks to connect politics and policy to the real world of policy development and decision-making. We provide fresh insights and alternative perspectives on the key issues affecting society.

Through our work we hope to promote greater awareness of the costs and benefits of new policies as well as a better understanding of what is feasible.

We cover the broad public policy canvas, but have a particular focus on developing policy reports over the coming months and years in the areas of: economy and growth, politics and government, the European Union (and Brexit), housing and social policy, technology and the world of work, environment and development