What is globalisation?

There is a great deal of confusion surrounding globalisation. It is often used as a convenient short-hand term or concept by politicians, journalists, economists, and policymakers alike. But what is globalisation?

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Brexit: the four options on citizens’ rights

In the early stages of the formal Brexit negotiations between the British and European Union representatives, a key obstacle to progress is the issue of citizens’ rights. Here we examine four options for the negotiators.

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Disconnected: Policy and the Citizen

Alex Prior is on a mission to understand the disconnect between politics, parliament, policy and the citizen. Why did the UK vote for Brexit? Were there other factors at play, including a wider resentment that communities are being ignored as policy is developed in London?

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A Crisis of Government

The result of the UK General Election has plunged the country, for the second time in less than a year, into national political chaos and a crisis of government. The result places enormous pressures on the delivery of government, the start of the UK-EU Brexit negotiations, the authority of the prime minister and the process of policy-making.

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